Save valuable time

Your clients and associates are waiting for your response - and there are so many demands on your time. See at a glance which emailed To-do items you need to take care of next. The Trasker region in Outlook displays important emails that you need to keep track of.

Out of office? Trasker keeps you reminded

Have you ever missed an all-important emailed To-do item while you're out of office or away from your computer? Trasker's companion app on iPhone and Android devices will keep you reminded of new or pending emails that contain To-do's. No matter where in the world you might be, Trasker keeps you reminded.

Become a byword for efficiency with clients and colleagues

Everyone forgets the occasional emailed request, don't they? Not you! Your clients and colleagues won't have to wait and you don't have to remember. Trasker's advanced linguistics software identifies To-do items and brings them to your attention.

Be More Productive

No more wading through tons of fluff to get to the meat of your email. No more wasting time as you skim through pleasantries and updates. It's all about action, and with Trasker, you'll know just when you have to spring into action.

Compliant with Corporate Security Policies

Your confidential email information stays on your computer, in your inbox, thereby respecting the strictest corporate email security policies. Being up to date doesn't mean you have to compromise confidential information!