Our Story

Trasker was founded with a single goal: To provide the highest quality software which will help make your life at work easier. We back up this goal with exceptional, personalized support. We strive to reach this simple goal each day.

Meet the Team

Tonio Rollé: Founder and CEO. Tonio has extensive law firm and investment bank experience in a variety of presentations, training and software development positions in New York and Orange County, CA. In particular, his knowledge of the legal field was valuable when he founded CitationWare LLC which was acquired by Litera in 2011. Tonio holds a U.S. patent for a software system and method. When not working on Trasker-related business, Tonio is working on Trasker-related business.

Niraj Singh: CTO. Niraj is a reliable and highly-motivated professional with several years experience in software development and architecture with a strong focus on Microsoft Office add-ins. In particular, Niraj has an impressive knowledge of the Outlook object model. He is also exceptionally skilled in corporate deployment, mobile platform development, database systems design and implementation, web services and setup projects.