Everyone wants a piece of you - and you're delegating too

So much of your work happens via email. Have you taken care of all your priorities? Are your assistants delivering support as you requested? And with new emails pouring in every time you open Outlook™, keeping track either means resorting to your old fashioned diary or flagging reminders and hoping for the best.

You're suffering from information overload. There's no way you'll be able to remember everything you're supposed to do! Does it have to be this way?

Automatic Task Detection

Linguistics research has identified ways in which task requests can be separated from all the extraneous data that emails contain. Now Trasker is implementing that knowledge with cutting-edge patent-pending software that highlights the most important part of any message: what you're actually supposed to deliver.

Skim through background information and get to the heart of the action. That's where you belong. That's your focus. Does something need doing? If so, you'll know!

Email Task Management

When you see a new task which Trasker has identified, you have two choices: Firstly, you can respond immediately - if you have the time and the information that's needed. But often, you'll need to gather some information before you can respond, and you may have other priorities to attend to first. In that case, simply add the email to the Trasker region in Outlook™.

How does that differ from flagging an email? Those red flags can all too easily get pushed down so that they're effectively out of sight and out of mind. But Trasker is on duty all the time. It will send notifications directly to your mobile device if you ask it to, and you can decide how often that needs to be done.

A Trasker region email is actually a handy link to the same email in your Outlook™ inbox. The original remains unaltered, keeping you compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley Act Email Retention Policies.

Mobile Device Notification

Because you're on the move, staying up to date with emailed work requests isn't always easy. You have to meet with associates and clients, and business trips take you all around the world. Your time online at your laptop is limited. What if you could receive notifications reminding you of tasks on your iOS or Android device? Trasker does just that - and you call the shots as to how often those notifications arrive.

Trasker is multilingual

Wheter you're a sole proprietor or a multinational with offices around the world, Trasker's advanced, patent-pending algorithm can analyze email written in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) with native fluency, thereby bringing the benefits of efficiency and improved collaboration to your staff around the world.

Italian, Portugese, Arabic and Japanese are in the works. In addition, if your organization has a specific language need, that can be accommodated on request.